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Unit 11 - Vocabulary: Read and write

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rough draft
the first version of a piece of writing
good read
book worth reading
very eager for something, especially a lot of food: 'He has a * appetite (= he eats a lot).' He's a * reader of historical novels (= he reads a lot of them eagerly and quickly).'
write off to sb for sth
apply to an organization asking them to send sth
write sth up
record in a full and complete form
read up on sth
read a lot about a subject in order to get information
read out
read aloud
write sth into sth
inlude in (a law, contract or agreement)
read too much into sth
to believe that an action, remark, or situation has a particular importance or meaning, often when this is not true: 'Don't * * * * her leaving so suddenly - she probably just had a train to catch.'
commit to memory
to memorize
come under sth
If you * * something, you suddenly experience or suffer it: 'Our armies have * * heavy bombardment.'