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(formal) unpleasant: 'a rather * young man' 'She said some very * things.'
If cloth, paper, etc. *s, or if you * it, it gets a line in it where it has been folded or crushed: 'The seat belt has *d my blouse.' ' It's a nice dress, but it *s very easily.'
wanting a lot more food, money, etc. than you need: ' * selfish people' ' He's * FOR power/success.'
very unpleasant or rude: 'Some of his colleagues say that he's loud and *.'
A * place is pleasant and has a lot of trees: 'a * lane/suburb'
to provide a view of, especially from above: 'Our hotel room *ed the harbour.'
within easy walking distance
close enough to walk to: 'Is the train station * * * ?' 'My office is * * * from here.'
(usually plural) something, such as a swimming pool or shopping centre, that is intended to make life more pleasant or comfortable for the people in a town, hotel, or other place: 'The council has some spare cash, which it proposes to spend on public *.'
take pride in sth/sb
to feel very pleased about something or someone you are closely connected with: 'If you don't * professional * * your work, you're probably in the wrong job.'
pride yourself on sth
to value a skill or good quality that you have: 'He *s * * his loyalty to his friends.'