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Unit 10 - Vocabulary: Describing rooms and houses

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bright and cheerful
home description - with light and comfortable
light and airy
home description - lit by the natural light of the day and with a lot of light and space
neat and tidy
home description - clean and organized in habit
dark and dingy
home description - with little or no light AND dark and often also dirty
cramped and cluttered
home description - not having enough space or time and being filled with unneeded things
to fill something in an untidy or badly organized way: 'The kids always * the hall (up) WITH school bags and coats and stuff.'
dimly lit
if sth such as a room or place is * *, there is not much light
small in numbers or amount, often spread over a large area: 'a * population/audience'
sparsely furnished
without much furniture (* *)
ideally situated
having a good or best imaginable position (* *)
spick and span
home description - (especially of a place) very clean and tidy: 'Their house is always * * *.'