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Unit 9 - Vocabulary 2: Anger

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heated argument
excited or angry disagreement
to feel very angry but to be unable or unwilling to express it clearly: 'The class positively *d WITH indignation when Julia won the award.'
anger about an unfair situation or about someone's unfair behaviour: 'Polly's face burned with *.'
(before noun) feeling extremely angry without showing it much: 'Their * resentment led to angry jostling between team-mates.'
annoyed or angry: 'My Dad gets * (WITH me) if I leave the kitchen in a mess.'
very angry: 'We have received some * phone calls from customers.'
go berserk
become very angry or out of control
lose your temper
to suddenly become angry ***
blow your lid/top/stack
to become extremely angry ***
fly into a rage
to suddenly become very angry * * * *
a sudden forceful expression of emotion, especially anger: 'Her comments provoked an * OF anger from the boss.'
let/blow off steam
to do or say something that helps you to get rid of strong feelings or energy
throw a fit/tantrum
* * * (r) to experience and show a strong feeling of anger, especially suddenly: 'My mother * * * when she saw what a mess we'd made of her kitchen.'