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to persuade someone not to do something: 'Campbell tried in vain to * Paton FROM quittING.'
set in
When something unpleasant *s *, it begins and seems likely to continue in a serious way: 'This rain looks as if it has * * for the rest of the day.'
set about
to start to do or deal with something: [+ -ing verb] I've no idea how to * * changING a tyre on a car.'
set back
to delay an event, process, or person: 'A war would inevitably * * the process of reform.' (= delay, hold up)
set off
to start a journey: 'What time will we have to * * for the station tomorrow?'
set upon/on sb
[often passive] to attack someone: 'He was * * by a vicious dog.'
break down fat
to lose weight * * *
a person or thing that suffers as a result of something else happening:' She lost her job in 2011, a * of the recession.'
surprising and sometimes worrying:' * results'