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Unit 7 - Vocabulary: Health - phrasal verbs

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carry out
to do or complete something, especially that you have said you would do or that you have been told to do
get round to sth
to do something that you have intended to do for a long time: 'I still haven't * * * fixing that tap.'
ease off
to become less intense
more important than anything else: 'Some understanding of grammar is * TO learning a language.'
forming the base, from which everything else develops: 'We need to make * changes to the way in which we treat our environment.' ' It's one of the * differences between men and women.'
take notice of
(= pay attention to)***
pass on
to give a disease to another person: It's possible to * * the virus to others through physical contact.'
bring on
to make something happen, usually something bad: 'The loud music * * another one of his headaches.'
bring round
to make someone become conscious again after being unconscious: 'I gave him a sniff of smelling salts to * him *.'
wear off
If a feeling or the effect of something *s *, it gradually disappears: 'Most patients find that the numbness from the injection *s * after about an hour.'
break out
if something dangerous or unpleasant *s *, it suddenly starts: 'War * * in 1914.' 'Fighting has * * all over the city.'
break out in a rash/spots/sweat
o suddenly have spots or sweat appear on your skin: 'She * * * * * after eating some strawberries.' 'It didn't take much exercise to make him * * * * *.'
put out
to injure part of your body by causing it to be moved out of its correct position: He * his knee * playing football.'
come down with
to start to suffer from an illness, especially one that is not serious: 'I think I'm *ing * * flu.'