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relating to the position, area, and size of things: 'This task is designed to test children's * awareness (= their understanding of where things are in relation to other things).'
likely to be or become a particular thing (= potential): a * client/employee/candidate'
set sth/sb apart
If a quality or characteristic *s * *, it shows them to be different from, and usually better than, others of the same type: What * her * FROM the other candidates for the job was that she had a lot of original ideas.'
poor memory
bad ability to remember things
be taken aback
to be very shocked or surprised: 'I * rather * * BY her honesty.'
take sth/sb for granted
If you * situations or people * *, you do not realize or show that you are grateful for how much you get from them: 'One of the problems with relationships is that after a while you just * each other * *.'
put off
not do something at the proper time, delay (=postpone)
call off
do up
to repair or decorate a building so that it looks attractive:' I'd like to buy a run-down cottage that I can * *.'
extremely painful: * pain OR extremely boring or embarrassing: * boredom
advertised or praised something more than it deserves in newspapers, on television, online, etc., in order to make people excited about it and want to buy, try it, invest in it, etc.: People wondered aloud whether the company had been *.
expressing deep feelings, often sadness: 'a * performance/ballad'
smooth and shiny: 'She has wonderfully * hair.' 'a dog with a * coat'
stir sth up
to cause an unpleasant emotion or problem to begin or grow: 'The teacher told him to stop *ing * trouble.'
to give a title to a book, film, etc.:' Her latest novel, *d 'The Forgotten Sex', is out this week.'
to give someone the right to do or have something: 'Being unemployed *s you to free medical treatment.' 'The employer is *d TO ask for references.'