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Unit 6 - Vocabulary 2 - Sleep

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a good night's sleep
collocation - sleep that is comfortable
(of how someone sleeps) deeply:' I slept very *, thank you - the bed was really comfortable.'
to be fast asleep
to be sleeping deeply
sleep rough
spend the night in the open; be without a home or shelter
wide-awake/wide awake
completely awake; fully alert and watchful
light sleeper
a * * wakes up easily'
get to sleep
= fall asleep * * *
lie awake
lie without sleeping
to sleep lightly for a short while:' The dog's *+ing in front of the fire.'
snooze button
a button on an alarm clock (= a clock for waking you up) that you press after it has woken you up, so that you can sleep for a few minutes more before being woken up again by the clock