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Unit 6 - Vocabulary 1 - Intelligence and ability

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child prodigy
a young child who has very great ability in something: A * *, he made his first professional tour as a pianist at the age of six.'
someone with a very great ability that usually shows itself when that person is a young child (usually after a noun): 'He read in the paper about a mathematical * who was attending university at the age of twelve.'
clever (informal)
having special ability in a particular subject or activity: a * dancer/musician'
natural ability to do something well (singular): He has a * FOR languages.
dab hand at
someone who is very good at a particular activity: 'Binns was a * * * cricket and played for his county in his youth.'
clever or good at doing things:'As a guitarist, he's * ON (= good at) technique but perhaps lacks feeling in some pieces.'
good at doing something, especially because you have practised doing it: 'Police officers have to be * drivers.'
completely without skill at a particular activity:' I'm * AT sports.' 'He's a * cook.'
able to do something well: 'I wouldn't say he was brilliant but he is * AT his job.'
skilled and experienced: 'a * swimmer'
having or showing a lot of knowledge or skill: 'The centre provides * advice for people with financial problems.' 'What's your * opinion?'
(....o....) (=skilled): 'He was * in all the arts.'
highly, exceptionally, enormously, hugely
words that collocate with TALENTED
highly, naturally, academically, musically, exceptionally
words that collocate with GIFTED
highly, extremely, very, quite
words that collocate with PROMISING
something that is * shows signs that it is going to be successful or enjoyable:' They won the award for the most * new band of the year.'