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'She became a star *.'(ADJ and ADV) sudden(ly) and unexpected(ly):
overnight success
something that becomes successful very quickly: 'The film 'Star Wars' was an * *.'
a * ambition, desire, need etc is very strong:
burning issue/question
a subject or question that must be dealt with or answered quickly: 'Education has become a * * in this election.'
meet with (e.g.failure)
to experience something, usually something unpleasant: 'Children usually don't know what to do when they * * (*).'
increase/strengthen/improve sb's motivation
(= raise the feeling of enthusiasm for sth in sb) 'These methods can help to * students' * and interest.'
'a * opponent/challenge'; very impressive in size, power, or skill and therefore deserving respect and often difficult to deal with
making you feel slightly frightened or worried about your ability to achieve something: 'The country was faced with the * prospect of overcoming four decades of division.'
(before noun) lasting for the whole of a person's life: 'a * friendship/habit/ambition etc'
(before noun) still happening, existing, or done: '* fighting in the city is causing great concern.'
sad and without hope: ' * failure; * expression'
very great or complete; 'a * success/victory/defeat'
rise to the occasion/challenge
to show that you can deal with a difficult situation successfully: In the exam she * * * * and wrote a brilliant essay.
rule out
to decide or say officially that something is impossible or will not happen, or that something or someone is not suitable: 'This recent wave of terrorism has *d * any chance of peace talks.' (= exclude)
relating to sports:'The Olympics is the biggest * event in the world.'
describes a problem that is easy to solve
(collocate with 'chance') FIGURATIVE: thin: They've only a * chance of winning (= it's unlikely that they will win).
happening many times, or happening again: 'The father-daughter relationship is a * theme in her novels.' 'For much of his life he suffered from * bouts of depression.'
(only before noun) existing outside and away from a particular place: 'ferry services to * islands'