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Unit 5 - Vocabulary 2 - Relationships - part 1

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get on like a house on fire
if two people * * * * * * *, they like each other very much and become friends very quickly
get on sb's nerves
to annoy someone a lot:Please stop making that noise! It really *s * * *.'
to trouble someone with something difficult or unpleasant: 'I don't want to * you with my problems.'
put a strain on sth
to burden or overload someone or something: 'All this bad economic news *s * * * our relationship.'
put sb down
to make someone feel silly or not important by criticizing them: 'Why did you have to * * * in front of everybody like that?'
have it in for sb
to be determined to harm or criticize someone: 'She's always * * * * *.'
have a rocky relationship
to be in a relationship that is unstable
turn your back on sb
to refuse to help someone: 'These people are appealing to our government to help them. 'We can't just * * * * *.'
look down on sb
to think that you are better than someone: 'She thinks they * * * her because she didn't go to university.'