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Unit 5 - Verb + noun collocations

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go to/take (great) pains to do sth
to try very hard to do something: 'We * * * * insure that no one felt left out.'
show physical affection
to demonstrate feelings of love via touching: 'I find it hard to * * * to my boyfriend.'
drift off/dose off
to gradually start to sleep: 'I couldn't help *ing * in the middle of that lecture - it was so boring!'
let down your defences
to stop emotionally protecting yourself and try to open up
go through career highs and lows
to experience good and bad moments in your career
see through the mask
understand the truth behind the appearance
impossible to defeat or prevent from doing what is intended
the character or qualities that a person or organization appears to have in public that are different from their real character or qualities, and whose purpose is often to deceive people or hide an illegal activity: 'Don't be fooled by his kindness and sensitivity - it's just a *.'
drift off to sleep
* * * * to slowly begin to fall asleep