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Unit 4 - Mix listening + time vocab

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take urgent steps
to qucikly do sth about a situation to improve it
stand by sb
* * * 'to continue to support or help someone who is in a difficult situation: She has vowed to* * her husband during his trial.'
used in polite offers and suggestions: 'Would you * FOR a drink?' 'Would you * TO join us for dinner?'
claim responsibility
to say that you have done sth:' An unknown terrorist group has *ed * for this morning's bomb attack.'
to produce or provide something official: 'The office will be *+ing permits on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.'
bear a grudge against/towards sb
to have a strong feeling of anger and dislike for a person who you feel has treated you badly, which often lasts for a long time: 'I don't * any * * you.'
rise through/from the ranks
Work one's way to the top, as in: 'He * * * *, starting as a copyboy and ending up as senior editor .'
hand in a notice
to give your boss written notification of your resignation
› done or made in a hurried and careless way: 'He gets his work done quickly, but he's very *.' (informal)
free up
to make someone or something available to be used for something else
set aside
to save something, usually money or time, for a special purpose: 'He had some money in an account that he'd * * for his kids.' 'I * * half an hour every evening TO hear Erik read.'
a useful or valuable quality, skill, or person: 'Her eyes are her best * (= most attractive feature).'