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a high level of knowledge or skill: 'I have no * in sewing/ sewing *.'
a feeling of unhappiness and disappointment: 'The supporters watched in/with * as their team lost 6–0.'
resultant or resulting
(only before noun) caused by the event or situation that you have just mentioned: 'The tape was left near a magnetic source, and the * damage was considerable.'
give off
to produce heat, light, a smell, or a gas: 'That tiny radiator doesn't * * much heat.'
show up
to arrive somewhere in order to join a group of people, especially late or unexpectedly: 'I invited him for eight o'clock, but he didn't * * until 9.30.'
gushing (also gushy)
expressing a positive feeling, especially praise, in such a strong way that it does not sound sincere: 'One of the more * newspapers described the occasion as 'a fairy-tale wedding'.
the final/last straw or the straw that breaks/broke the camel's back
the last in a series of unpleasant events that finally makes you feel that you cannot continue to accept a bad situation: 'Losing my job was bad enough, but being evicted was * * *.'
throwaway comment/line/remark
something that someone says without thinking carefully and is not intended to be serious
reel off
to say a long list of things quickly and without stopping: 'The old man could * * the names of his 22 grandchildren.'
loud and unpleasant: 'I heard the * call of the crows.'