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(collocate with possibility/likelihood/chance) very likely to happen
clearly noticeable; that certainly exists (WITH THIS MEANING - BEFORE NOUNS ONLY)
not strong or clear (= slight)
feel faint
to feel weak, as if you are about to become unconscious (She *s * with hunger.)
very great; used to emphasize the noun (*e** possibility)
(collocate with possibility/chance) = slight; 'There's still an * chance/possibility that Scotland will get through into the World Cup.'
small in amount or degree (*l****)
(of an idea, guess, or chance) good, but not excellent (She's got a * chance of winning (= there is a reasonable chance that she will win).)
(= slight) a *****e possibility
the greatest possible or that can be imagined (She has * reason to be unhappy after losing her job and her home.)
= possibly (She could * (= possibly) have already left.
as expected (*, after the initial media interest, the refugees now seem to have been forgotten.'
I need hardly
' * * * say what a pleasure it is to introduce our speaker.' '* * * remind you of the seriousness of the situation.' used to say that what you are going to say is obvious
stand a chance
(*** OF + GERUND) to have a chance of success: 'She *s * good * of passing her exam if she works hard.'