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Unit 3 - Word formation - Adjectives and adverbs

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friendly and easy to talk to: 'Graham's always very * - why don't you talk the problem over with him?'
causing thought about interesting subjects: 'The programme will take a detailed and * look at the problem of homelessness.'
done in order to get ready for something: ' * work' 'Differences over these issues narrowed during the * meetings/talks.'
made of rock and therefore usually rough and difficult to travel along: 'She scrambled along the * path.'
unable to balance very well: 'After two months in a hospital bed, I felt a bit * on my feet.'
rocky road
If you are on a * * , you are experiencing a difficult period and have a lot of problems: 'Bernanke predicts a * * ahead for the economy.'
liking to talk a lot in a friendly, informal way OR If a piece of writing is *, it is informal: a * letter/style'
like a monster OR very large and often ugly or frightening: 'a * building'
without any sleep: 'I've spent so many * nights worrying about him.'
relating to a manager or management:' * responsibilities/decisions/skills'
relating to the work of a secretary: a * college' 'She's found some part-time * work.'
large in size, value, or importance: 'The findings show a * difference between the opinions of men and women.'
not having the ability to do something as it should be done: 'an * teacher/ doctor'