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Unit 3 - Reading - part 2

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long or tall and thin, and looking weak:' * legs' 'a plant with a * stem'
(+OF) showing that you do not respect someone or something at all: 'He gave a * laugh.' 'She has always been openly * of authority.'
(+FOR) (U) a strong feeling of disliking and having no respect for someone or something: 'At school she had complete * FOR all her teachers.'
with contempt
without any respect: 'You should TREAT those remarks * the * that they deserve.' 'She regarded the tabloid press * absolute * .'
hold sb/sth in contempt
to feel contempt for someone or something: How could she marry a man whom she *s * such utter *?'
wipe sth out/ wipe out
to destroy something completely: 'Whole villages were *d * in the fighting.' 'One bad harvest could * * all of a grower's profits for the previous two years.'
beneath contempt
if someone or something is * *, they are so bad or so unimportant that they do not deserve any attention