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Unit 2 - Review - Part 2 - collocations

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a change of scene
a move to different surroundings: 'He decided he needed * * * * '
a change of direction
the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented (reorientation): 'In a complete * * * he gave up his job in teaching and became a farmer.'
a change in the law
a modification of the rules according to which the citizens must behave
a change of/in hearts
if someone has * * * *, they change their opinion or the way they feel about something: 'The revised legislation follows a change of heart by the government.' 'She was going to sell the house but had * * * * at the last minute.'
subject to something
likely to experience something or to be affected by something: 'The bay is * * heavy fog in summer.' 'If the plants are growing well, they'll be less * * pests.'
switch over
to stop doing one thing and start doing another: 'He played football for ten years before *ing * to coaching.'
sweep over sb
to suddenly affect someone very strongly: 'A wave of tiredness * * her.'
sweeping change
a * * (alteration) or development has a major effect: 'The proposal calls for * * in public land use.'
not based on specific facts or details and therefore not completely accurate or fair: ' * conclusions/generalizations/proposals'
if you * your emphasis or attitude, you change it: [T] Our attention has *ed from baseball to the election.'
bring about
to make something happen, especially to cause changes in a situation:'Major spending is required to * * substantial improvements in housing.'
bring an end to something
(PHRASE) to end sth: * * * *
side with sb
to agree with one particular person and support them in an argument: 'She always *d * my brother.'