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Unit 2 - Vocabulary - Changes

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change your mind
to form a new opinion or make a new decision about something that is different from your old one: 'If you * * * about coming tonight, just give me a call.'
change your tune
(DISAPPROVING) (***) to change your opinion completely, especially because you know it will bring you an advantage: He was against the idea to start with, but he soon *d his * when he realized how much money he'd get.'
change gear
to change the position of the gears to make a vehicle go faster or more slowly
change the subject
to start talking about different things: I'd tried to explain the situation, but he just *d * *.'
change the sides
to become a member of a group that does not share the opinions of the group you were part of before
change the tyre
to replace an old tyre with a new one because you have a puncture
change your ways
to improve the bad parts of your behaviour: 'If he wants to carry on living here, he's going to have to * his * and learn to be a bit more tidy.'
If something is *, you are pleased to have or do it: 'The holiday was a * CHANGE/BREAK/RELIEF.'
something * has a great influence on many people or things: 'These new laws will have * benefits for all working mothers.'
pleasantly different and interesting:' It's a * CHANGE to see a losing team shaking hands and still smiling after a match.'
affecting many things or people; large:' It is obvious that * changes are needed in the legal system.'
bring about
to make something happen, especially to cause changes in a situation: 'social changes that have been * * by new technology'