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balance your books
to make the debits match the credits in a set of accounting books thereby providing balanced books
"1. The devil: ""Love is a bodily infirmity . . . which breaks out the ""word"" knows how or why"" (Thackeray). 2. An outstanding example, especially of something difficult or bad: had a ""word"" of a time getting out of town; a ""word"" of a family row. 3. A severe reprimand or expression of anger: got the ""word"" for being late. 4. Used as an intensive: What the ""word"" were they thinking of?"
mean; miserly; unwilling to part with money
come down
an expression meaning "to lay down money"; in 1822
a place of (financial or commercial) exchange, as in the King's or Queen's Exchange (1601); a money changer's office (1569); the 'Burse' or Exchange built in London by Sir Thomas Gresham in 1566 received from Queen Elizabeth I the name of the Royal Exchange.
post or employment (1813)
from Screech (also screik, screak, skreigh), to utter a loud, shrill cry
That which has lost its freshness, stale-smelling, musty, as of a wine-cask; of bread, corn, meat, etc., smelling of mould or damp (1491); hence, that which has lost its interest.
the Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem, founded as a priory in 1247; by 1402, it was a hospital or asylum for lunatics; by extension, any madhouse (1663); hence, any scene of mad confusion (1667).
nothing loth
willing (n...)
hard by
near; close by (h...)