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against time
with a quickly approaching time limit
at one time
1.simultaneously; 2. at a period or moment in the past
at the same time
however, nonetheless
at times
on accasion, sometimes
behind the times
out-of-date; old-fashioned
for the time being
from time to time
once in a while, at intervals
high time
the appropriate or urgent time; It's *** that you started working
in good time
1. in a reasonable length of time; 2. when or before due; 3. quickly
in no time
almost instantly; immediately
in time
1. before a time limit expires; within an indefinite time (eventually); 3. In the proper tempo (music)
on time
according to schedule; punctual(ly)
time after time
again and again; repeatedly
time and again
time after time
time of my life
a highly pleasurable experience:I had the *** at the beach
time on my hands
an interval with nothing to do
time was
there was once a time (***when...)
at no time
on no account
never; in no way; under no circumstances (also not on any account)
not since May
the last time it happened was May