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youth hostel
a cheap form of accommodation
tourist trap
somewhere where too many tourists go
travel agent
a shop that specialises in booking holidays
stunning landscape
extremely beautiful countryside
to go sightseeing
to look around the tourist sites
short break
a short holiday
a holiday where you supply your own food
wildlife safari
a holiday, often in Africa, to observe wild animals
places of interest
sites of interest to tourists
passport control
the place where your passport is checked
picturesque village
very pretty village
out of season
outside of the main holiday period
long weekend
an extended weekend holiday including Friday or Monday
local crafts
objects produced locally
hordes of tourists
crowds of tourists
holiday resort
a place where lots of people go for a holiday
holiday of a lifetime
a special holiday that you are unlikely to repeat
holiday destination
where you go for a holiday
holiday brochure
a glossy publication with details of holiday packages
guided tour
an organised group shown around a place of interest by an expert
to get away from it all
to take a holiday to escape a busy or stressful lifestyle
far-off destination
somewhere a long way away
departure lounge
where you wait for your flight to be called
check-in desk
the place at the airport where you register for your flight and deposit your luggage
a cheaper form of flying than a scheduled flight
breathtaking view
an extremely beautiful view
all-in package
package holiday: a holiday where you purchase the travel and accommodation together