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to take something, such as food into your body; to swallow something
a movement of your body, especially of your hands and arms, that shows or emphasizes an idea or a feeling; something said or done to communicate a particular feeling or attitude
The time when a person or animal is developing inside its mother before it is born; the process by which something, such as an idea, forms and develops
to carry someone or something from one place to another; to cause someone to imagine that he or she is in a different place or time
to send a product to be sold in another country
a flat case for carrying documents or drawings; a set of drawings, paintings, or photographs that are presented together in a folder
to give or pass information, values, diseases, etc. from one person to another
a letter or other written message
an amount of money that is sent as a payment for something
a person who is sent on a mission to represent another person or organization