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Verbs N-Z (Season 3)

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pul op
to catch
put daun
to execute
rip au
to fix
rip of
to rip off, to tear off
sak au
to outsmart another
seigeda klin
to vote
sen daun
to sit down, to place s.t. somewhere
ses op
to have sex
shoun of
to present, to show
shoun raun
to guide
shoun we
to lead away
slip daun
to fall/come down, to slay
slip thru
to fail
smuch op
to kiss
spek daun
to bow
sponj au
to drain
spun in
to act in the capacity of the back spoon when cuddling
spun op
to act in the capacity of the front spoon when cuddling
step au
to make one's move
step of
make way, move
step op
to step in, to interfere, to take over
strech au
to walk
strik daun
to reduce
swega klin
to swear, to promise
tai op
to bind
torch op
to torture
trig of
to fire or attack (with a weapon)
wan daun
wind down
wigod op
to forgive