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Verbs A-M (Season 2)

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ai op
to see/to watch
ai raun
to watch
as op
to ask
ash daun
to snow
badan op
to serve
bak op
go back/to retreat/to go back (often used as a warning)
ban au
to banish (from)
to leave
to say (followed by a noun)
breik au
to break free/to escape/to release
chek au
to look at s.t./to examine
chich op
to speak to/to talk to
chil au
to calm down
chil daun
to stand down
choj op
to eat
dig au
to find out/to discover
drag raun
to fall behind
drein daun
to drink
dula op
to do
fig raun
to ponder, to think about
finga au
to accuse
fis op
to heal, to make
fleim au
to burn, to be worth (to)
fleiva op
to salt (food)
flosh klin
to destroy, to massacre
frag op
to kill (rip klin)
gada in
to have, to own
gaf in
to need, to want, to seek
get daun
to worry, to concern oneself
get in
to know
get klin
to be certain, to know surely
glong op
to join (a group)
glong raun
to join
gon op
to fight s.t. or s.o.
gon raun
to fight (throu daun)
gon we
to go away, to leave
gonot nau
to leave immediately
gouba in
to observe, to comply with
gouthru klin
to commit suicide
gyon au
to go (I)
gyon op
to get up
hit op
to meet
hod in
to love
hod op
to wait, to stop
hod daun
to tend to, to mind, to hold down
hon daun (I)
to take, to capture
hon in
to get, to acquire
hon op
to find
hos of
to go (II)
hos op
to hurry up
hos raun
to hurry
huk op
to add, to throw in
jak op
to steal
jomp op
to attack
kamp raun
to be/go/stay near, to go to
kik raun
to live
kik thru
to survive
kof op
to pay/trade s.o. or s.t.
kof raun
to pay/trade
kom au
to become, to be, to happen
kom op
to come, to arrive
komba raun
to approach
to summon
kot op
to cut
to be (followed by a noun)
lan op
to use
led op
to wound or injure s.o. or s.t.
led raun
to wound or injure; to go around causing injury
lok op
to locate, to find
lufa au
to look for, to search for
mafta op
to follow
mema in
to remember