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words that introduce nouns in a sentence. eg, The, A, An, Some, This, These.
a type of determiner. Either 'The', 'A' or 'An'.
the definite article
the word 'The', introducing one specific noun. eg. The Taj Mahal, The cat, The red blanket.
an indefinite article
either 'A' or 'An' to introduce a noun. eg. A cat, a red blanket.
determiner: demonstratives
determiners that demonstrate, show or talk about certain nouns/objects. eg. This hat, that cat, these biscuits, those words.
determiner: quantifiers
determiners that suggest an amount of nouns/objects. eg. some, every, lots, both, several.
determiner: possessives
a word that introduces a noun that refers to whom it belongs. eg. my hat, your hat, their, biscuits.
a word that shows when or where something is in a sentence, in relation to something else. eg. after, above, on, under.
the thing/person/noun that is doing something in a sentence. eg. Simon sat down and ate his lunch.
the person or thing/person/noun, in a sentence, who the action is done to or for. eg. Simon ate his lunch.
Active verb
a sentence where the subject in a sentence is doing the action. eg. Simon ate his lunch. Simon does the action.
passive verb
a sentence where the subject of the sentence is having something done to it. eg. The lunch was eaten by Simon. Lunch is the subject. The word was is usually before the verb.