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a naming word. eg pen, Newcastle, happiness.
common noun
the name of an everyday (common) object. eg. pen, table, door, window.
proper noun
the name of a person, place, day of the week, month of the year. Always has a capital letter. eg. David Walliams, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Friday, October.
collective noun
the name of a collection of nouns (objects/people/animals) eg. audience, school, flock (of sheep), herd (of cows).
abstract noun
the name of something that you cannot see or touch. eg. love, peace, friendship, jealousy, happiness.
a doing/action word or a state of 'being'. eg. swim, skip, run, I am, she was, you will be.
infinitive verb
a form of a verb with the word 'to' before it, without a suffix added to the end.
a word that describes a noun. eg. blue pen, old table, smashed window, shocked audience.
a word that tells the reader how, when or where a verb happens. Quite often ending in -ly but not always. eg. Quickly, carefully, Later, nearby.
modal verb
use dto show if we think something is possible, probable, certain or if we have to do something or give permission. eg. will, may, must. You must take the rubbish out. I may do it if I feel like it.