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1A-The Legal Profession

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A lawyer who gives legal advice to individuals and companies, usually a member of the American Bar Association
A lawyer who gives advice and opinions to solicitors
A lawyer who passed the exams of the Law Society of England & Wales at the end of his studies
The process of making a claim in the civil court
Right of audience
The right to be heard be a judge, being allowed to represent clients in court
Legal practice
Usually a partnership of solicitors who work together
The skill of speaking for someone in court
Plead a case
To say something to try to help someone get what they want or avoid punishment
Acting for
To represent
A legal document in which a person gives details of what they want to happen to their property after their death
Criminal matter
A criminal subject or situation
Civil matter
A civil subject or situation
To accuse someone of a crime in a law court
Filing a claim
To start a claim in the civil court, issuing a claim, starting proceedings
The person who starts claim
Claimant in the USA
The other party of a case
Bad workmanship
Someone does a job for you, but they do it badly
To be in dispute
To have a serious disagreement with another person
A party to a court case
The claimant of the defendant
Serve a claim
To send the claim to the defendant's address and make sure that he receives it
Respond to a claim
To confirm that you have received the claim and to say what you will do next
Hear a case
To listen the details of the claim and listen to what the claimant and defendant
Find in favour of someone
To decide that this person has won the case
Give a judgment
To officially announce the result of the case. The judge may give the reasons for the decision
Make an order
To officially state what someone has to do, and how and when he must do it
A person who can legally take a person's property when that person does not pay money that he owes
Injured person
The person who is hurt
An accusation
Not giving enough attention to what you are doing
To do something that is considered wrong, or that is illegal
Someone was not careful enough and this person's carelessness hurt another person as a result
An ​action that is ​wrong but can be ​dealt with in a ​civil ​court ​rather than a ​criminal ​court
More informal way of saying starting proceedings against someone
The reasons for going to court
To break
Deal with someone
To do business with someone or to take the correct action in an area of work
Legally correct and acceptable
Draft a document
To write a document
A person who steals money or property using or threatening to use violence
Have a right
(in intellectual property law) to have a legal interest in something; it is yours
(in company law) when two companies join together to form one
the property is belongs to you, being the owner of the property
Things that a person or company owns
Sums of money that you owe
The money that someone pays, usually every month, to use a flat, a house or an office that belongs to someone else
Something that is fixed is certain and cannot be changed
To be insolvent
Not having enough money to pay your debts
The joining together of two or more things, such as companies, to form one single thing or company
A person who pays rent to he owner of a house, a flat or an office in return for living there, or for using the building for business purposes
The legal process involved in transferring the ownership of a house or land from the seller to buyer
Unfair dismissal
A situation where someone loses his job for a reason that is not valid
Sick pay
Money that an employer must pay to an employee when that employee is ill and cannot work
Lease of land and buildings
An agreement to allow someone to use land or buildings for a fixed period of time in return for a payment of rent
Formation of a business
The establishment of a new business in a specific way
Maternity leave
The time period when a woman is not at work before and after the birth of her baby
The total amount of money, property and other assets that a business has
A situation where someone loses his job because an employer no longer needs so many employees
A person who owns a house, a flat or office and receives rent from someone for allowing the to live there, or use the buildings for business purposes
Real estate
A more formal way of saying land and houses
Hurt or damage
Something that you do because it is your duty or because you feel you have to
To work as a doctor or a lawyer
Legal action against someone