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n. all the words in a language
The reason or purpose for communication, e.g. making a suggestion; giving advice.
An example of a grammar point, function or lexical set.
formal language
is used in serious or important situations, e.g. in a job application.
informal language
is used in relaxed or friendly situations, e.g. with family or friends
Language normally used in informal conversation but not in formal speech or writing.
A style of speaking or writing that is neither formal nor informal, but in between.
Language which is suitable in a particular situation.
Language which is not suitable in a particular situation.
indirect question
Used when someone wants to ask something in a more polite way.
infinitive of purpose
used to express why something is done.
refuse an invitation
To say that you will not accept an invitation.
To make or see a difference between people and things.
discourse marker
A word or phrase that signals the function of the information that will follow.
An example of a grammar point, function or lexical set.
function word
A word with little meaning used to help convey its grammatical information.
functional exponent
An example of a function that shows the purpose of what the speaker is communicating.
To welcome someone, often with words, e.g. Hello, how are you?
ask for clarification
To ask for an explanation of what a speaker means, e.g. What do you mean?
The formality or informality of the language used in a particular situation.
To ask someone politely to do something
Any pair or group of words commonly found together or near one another.