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E, sEE, thEse, Evil, mEEt
fIsh, mIss, thIs
cAt, hAm, mAp, hAppy
cAr, fAr, stArt, hArd, hEArt
clOck, dOg, On, Off, gOt
hOrse, dOOr, tALk, sURE, thOUGHt
bUll, pUt, bOOk, cOULd
dO, yOU, blUE, tWO, knEW
cOmputer, Away, ovER, bAnanA, dictatOR, mothER
hER, fIRst, wORd, thIRd, hEARd
Egg, bEd, hEAd, Emperor
Up, bUt, Under, lOve, lUck, enOUgh
trAIn, A, dAY, plAY, Eight, lAte
phOne, knOW, rOAd, Old, thrOW
I, mY, EYE, bIke, hIgh, ISland, AISle
nOW, hOUse, tOWer, trOUsers, OWl
tOY, rOYal, bOIl, bOY, jOY
hERE, clEAR, bEER, EAR, happIER
pURE, tOUR, cUrious, jURy, tOURist
AIr, cARE, chAIR, wEAR, thERE
SHe, freSH, SHower, biSHop
pleaSure, televiSion, massaGe, leiSure,
THink, THree, birTHday, THousand
THe, moTHer, THese, THemselves
waTCH, teaCH, literaTure, beaCH, CHess
Jam, briDGE, eDGE, leGend, George
We, WHen, sWeltering, Witch
Yes, mUsic, Younger, Yacht
riNG, soNG, liviNG, siNG
Hello, Happy, Him, Her, Hectic