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Forms and Tenses

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The form of a verb that gives an order or instruction.
A question form.
Used to describe a verb which does not take a direct object.
declarative form
It is used to make statements and give information.
declarative question
Question used to express surprise or ask for verification.
A form of a verb functioning as a noun, which ends in -ing
The repetition of grammatical structures within a text.
–ed and –ing forms of the verb often used to make tenses or adjectives.
A grammatical word, (an adverb or preposition).
passive voice
In a passive sentence, something is done to or happens to the subject of the sentence.
first person
the person speaking, e.g. I, we.
second person
the person spoken to, e.g. you.
third person
the person spoken about, e.g. he, she, they.
possessive ‘s’ and whose
Ways of showing or asking who something belongs to, e.g. ‘Whose book is it?’ ‘It’s Sue’s’.
Form of the verb that shows whether something happens in the past, present or future.
future with going to
I’m going to visit my aunt on Sunday. It’s going to rain.
future with present continuous
He is meeting John for dinner at eight tomorrow.
future with present simple
The plane leaves at 9.00 next Saturday
future with will or shall
I’ll help with the cleaning. It will be lovely and sunny tomorrow.
past continuous
I was watching TV all evening.
past perfect continuous
I had been studying for three hours so I felt tired.
past perfect simple
After I had phoned Mary, I went out.
past simple
I went on holiday to France last year.
present continuous
I am working in London now
present perfect continuous
I have been studying for three years.
present perfect simple
I have known him for a long time.
present simple
He drives to work every day.