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Book used regularly by students to learn vocabulary, grammar and skills work.
Book with extra practice activities
teacher's book
Book that accompanies the coursebook and contains teaching ideas, audioscripts, and answers.
authentic material
Non adapted written or spoken texts which a first language speaker might read or listen to.
adapt material
To change a text or other material, so that it is suitable to use with a particular class.
A small piece of wood with straight sides that can be used for activities.
board games
A game for controlled practice played by 2 or more on a board using dice to move round squares.
The things that a teacher uses in a class, e.g. handouts, pictures, flashcards.
Part of a video or DVD that can be used in class.
cloze test
Task where learners read a text and work out what the missing words are. Used for reading ability or general language use.
gap fill
An activity in which learners fill in spaces or gaps in sentences or texts. It is used for practice or a specific language point.
A piece of information that helps someone to find the answer to a problem.
language laboratory
Room where learners practice language by listening to CDs and recording themselves.
learning centre
A place with learning resources where learners can study by themselves.
story corner
Permanent space in the classroom where learners can tell stories or sit and read stories.
A pattern of straight lines that cross each other to make squares.
pie chart
A circle divided into sections in order to show how something is divided into different amounts.
Diagram that shows learners the relationship between tense and time.
venn diagram
Drawing of circles that cross over each other showing similarities/ differences.
A drawing that uses lines to show relationship between two or more sets of numbers.
A picture of a happy face☺. Teachers can use a smiley to point out good features.