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make more clear
controlled practice
When learners use the target language repeatedly and productively in situations in which they have little or no choice of what language they use.
free practice
When learners use the target language but have more choice of what they say and what language they use.
Integrated skills
An integrated skills lesson combines work on more than one language skill.
‘Two-way communication’ between listener and speaker, or reader and text.
lead in
The activity used to prepare learners to work on a text, topic or main task.
oral fluency
being able to speak using connected speech at a natural speed with little hesitation, repetition or self-correction.
Express something that has been read or heard using different words
Productive skills
when learners produce language. Speaking and writing are _________
develop skills
To help learners to improve their listening, reading, writing and speaking ability.
Each skill has smaller _____ that are all part of the main skill, e.g. identifying text organisation (reading); identifying word stress (listening).
When someone speaks in a conversation this is called a turn. Speaking and then allowing another person to speak in reply