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ngo5 hai6 zung1 gwok3 jan4
I am a Chinese person.
ngo5 ting1 jat6 heoi3 gei1 coeng4
Tomorrow I go to the airport.
ngo5 jiu3 wan2 baa1 si2
I have to find a bus.
ngo5 hai6 nei1 dou6 saam1 jat6
I stay here for three days.
m4 goi1
Thank you. (for a service)
dou1 ze6
Thank you. (for a gift)
zoi3 gin3
Good bye.
hou2 gou1 hing3 sik1 dak1 nei5
Nice to meet you.
ting1 jat6 gin3
See you tomorrow.
zou2 san4
Good morning.
baa1 si2 hai2 bin1 dou6
Where is the bus?
nei5 giu3 mat1 je5 meng2
What is your name?
ngo5 giu3 zou6
My name is ...