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Building up the beach by pumping sand or shingle onto it
Beach Replenishment
Larger particles moved along a river bed
Where a river breaks into many distributaries before it reaches the sea
Waves that erode coastlines
Destructive Waves
Waves that build up beach material to create landforms
Constructive Waves
The amount of water passing a point at a given time measured in cumecs
The wearing away and removal of rocks by the action of wind water or ice
Flat area next to a river that is liable to flood
Flood Plain
The continued freezing and thawing of moisture in rocks will eventually cause them to break
Wooden or concrete construction built across a beach
Use of concrete barriers to control water
Hard Engineering
A surface that does not allow water through it
The movement of material along a coastline by the action of the waves
Longshore Drift
Allowing the sea to flood lowland areas
Managed Retreat
A surface that allows water though it