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Reclaimed Land
Land that has been drained so it can be used for development
Sub-aeriel Processes
Processes active on the face and top of cliffs
The force of breaking waves moving up a beach
Breaking up of rocks by the action of weather, plants, animals and chemical processes
Fragments of rock carried by a river wear away the bed and banks of the river
Pebbles and rocks collide with each other, reducing their size and making them increasingly smooth
Hydraulic Action
The power of moving water being forced against river banks causes them to collapse and be washed away
Chemical reaction occurs when slightly acid water dissolves calcium, breaking down rock such as limestone
Occurs when a river does not have enough energy to carry material any further
Lateral Erosion
Erosion of the sides of the valley
Vertical Erosion
Downward erosion of a river bed
The tidal part of a river mouth
Large bend in a river
Artificial watering of the land
Taking sediment from a river or sea bed