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Without + verb-ing
Not having, experiencing or showing sth
To figure out
To calculate an amount or the cost of sth
A track with a number at a train station that a train arrives at or leaves from
A thing that is known to be true, especially when it can be proved
To bother sb (about/with sth)
to annoy, worry or upset sb; to cause sb trouble or pain:
To do sth more quickly than usual because there is not much time SYN rush
Enjoyment; pleasure; a thing that gives enjoyment or pleasure and makes you feel happy
A box, bag, etc. in which things are wrapped or packed; the contents of a box etc.
= Luggage: Bags, cases, etc. that contain sb’s clothes and things when they are travelling
To go down
= to drop: to fall down
How heavy sb/sth is, which can be measured in, for example, kilograms or pounds
Fairly cold; not hot or warm
The part around the neck of a shirt, jacket or coat that usually folds down