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This is a type of dancing that comes from Vienna
Cigar smoking
This is an activity that involves smoking something that looks like a long, brown stick
Model airplanes
This is an activity that involves making small reproductions of airplanes
You play this instrument with a bow
In order to keep these pets you shouldn't be queasy
This is an individual sport that can calm you, as well as keep you in shape
Mountain climbing
You might climb Everest if you do this hobby
Ride a motorized vehicle with two wheels for this hobby
If you collect this type of comic book, you might need to read Japanese
Stand up comedy
This hobby involves telling jokes
Card games
You must know poker and blackjack if you do this hobby
Horseback riding
You must have a good relationship with animals to participate in this sport
This martial art comes from Korea
Fly down the snowy hill on a board with this hobby
Your partner will be stuffed if you take up this hobby