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Choreographer of Swansong
Christopher Bruce
Date of first Swansong performance
November 1987
Swansong Dance Company
Accompaniment for Swansong
Phillip Chambon
Lighting for Swansong
David Mohr
Set designer for Swansong
Christopher Bruce
Swansong style of dance
Swansong choreographic style
episodic dramatic thematic
The theme of Swansong
Human Rights
Swansong's Inspiration
Amnesty International
The number of sections in Swansong
Costume design for Swansong
Christopher Bruce
The main character in Swansong
The other male characters in Swansong
Prisoner's costume
jeans and red top
Guard's costume
Khaki uniform
type of shoe worn by dancers
jazz shoes
The main prop - used by the prisoner as a shield or weapon
Direction of light in Swansong
The name for the silent sections in Swansong - help us hear the tapping feet
Unaccompanied interludes
Other props used to degrade the prisoner
canes and red nose
The type of room that Swansong set design helps to show
Prison cell
The 3 sections where the prisoner performs a solo
3 5 7
Another word used to describe the guards