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Supranationalism & Devolution

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two or more sovereign states working together for a common purpose usually trade alliances, military cooperation, or diplomacy
the transfer of power from the central government to local or regional groups who demand greater autonomy
United Nations
largest supranational organization comprised of 193 states that facilitates diplomacy and global services
European Union
supranational organization with 28 member states that coordinates trade, laws, money, and migration within much of the region
negotiation between different states
The desire of an ethnic group to be an independent state
centripetal force
factors that hold together a state socially and politically
centrifugal force
factors that tear apart a state politically and socially
when a minority ethnic group desires to break away from a multiethnic state and form its own nation-state or join another culturally similar state
planned violent attacks on people and places to provoke fear and cause change in government policy
state terrorism
government uses violence and intimidation to control their own people