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Exclusive Economic Zone
area of the sea where a state has economic rights within 200 nautical miles of the shore
high seas
area of sea beyond 12 miles of the shore where international law governs rather than a state's law
antecedent boundary
boundaries from prehistoric times
relict boundary
former state boundaries that still have political or cultural meaning
subsequent boundary
boundaries resulting from conlict or cultural change
superimposed boundary
boundaires laid down for political reasons overtop cultural boundaries
process when borders are claimed, negotiated, or caputred
process when borders are put on the map
process when markers a placed on the ground to show where borders are
physical border
natural boundary like rivers and mountans
consequent border
estimated cultural boundary between nations, ethic groups, tribes
geometric border
boundaries surveyed mostly along lines of latitude and longitude
definitional border dispute
border treaty is interpreted two different ways by states
locational border dispute
border moves usually through natural processes
operational border dispute
border is agreed on but passage across the border is a problem
allocational border dispute
border divides a resource into two sides and there is disagreement about which state gets what