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Political organization of space

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an identifiable land area
a polulation with a single culture
a population under a sovereign government with control over a defined territory
a single culture under a single government
fully independent government, has territotiry, recognized by other states or the U.N.
stateless nation
a culture group not included or allowed share in the state political process. Ex: Kurds
very small sovereign states
Multinational State
A state who's government that governs over multiple ethnic groups
Pride or loyalty to one's country or cultural group
political control over space
change from larger state to several smaller states
Unstable area between two regions with opposing political and cultural values. Predicted Cold War conflicts in geopolitically weak areas of the Inner Crescent
productive agricultural land that states want to control(Eastern European steppe)
buffer states
sympathetic countries that create a layer of protection
areas that bordered the heartland and want to invade (German Empire, France, Great Britain, Japan)
Organic theory
Political theory that in order to compete and thrive state must continue to gain new territory
Self determination
Process by which a country determines statehood and gains independence
the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically
The desire of an ethnic group to be an independent state
Cold War
Hostility between the Soviet Union bloc and U.S. & Western Allies. Communism vs. Capitalism
Conference of Berlin
Meeting of European colonial powers that decided control over territories in Africa in 1884