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à outrance
excessively (not démesurément)
La guerre à outrance
all out war
in addition to, as well as (not en...)
outre qu'il écrit, il...
as well as writing, he...
passer outre
to pay no heed, carry on regardless
prendre un air outré
to look deeply offended
to offend, be an affront to (not offusquer, vexer)
être dans ses petits souliers
to feel awkward, to feel ill at ease (not morveux, not mal à l'aise)
le maboul
vendre au rabais
sell at a discount
au rabais
cut price, on the cheap (enseignement, formation)
le démontage
se complaire dans
to take pleasure in (not à)
bogus, phoney (adj.), can, drum, ...
la pirouette
pirouette; about-turn (fig)
affamer qqn
to starve sb
léguer qqch à qqn
to bequeath sth to sb, to pass sth on to sb, to hand over sth to sb
in view of
vu que
in view of the fact that, seen that
c'est du déjà-vu
we've seen it all before
le tour de passe-passe
trick, sleight of hand
immediately, straightaway (not sur-le-champ, or tout de suite or aussitôt)
l'essentiel de
the bulk of, the main part of
l'allègement fiscal
tax relief