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en prime
free, as a free gift
la prime
de prime abord
at first glance (not au premier ...)
être tenté de faire
to be tempted to do
amorcer une demande
to begin an application
to reboot (computer)
le redressement productif
recovery through production, the restoration of production capabilities
faire reculer les inégalités sociales
to reduce unfairness in society
coup sur coup
in quick succession
menacer à l'arme blanche
to threaten with a knife
mettre au pas
to bring to heel
to put down, to deposit, to dump, to register, to file
passer mal
to go down badly (news)
avoidance, escape, breakout, evasion
s'évader du quotidien
to escape from the everyday (not échapper)
le point faible
weakness, weak point
unit, unity, chapter
to fake
se désoler
to be upset, to lament (not s'attrister)
la menotte
hand (langage enfantin)
les menottes
quoi qu'il en soit
whatever the case may be, be that as it may
la loi-cadre
draft law, blueprint law
à l'instar de
following the example of
to undo (stitches); to back out on, to undo, to default (fig)