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le reflet
à terre
on the floor, on the ground (epith)
la boîte à outils
to be about to faint, on the verge of fainting (être près de s'évanouir)
fainting fit
se pâmer devant qqn
to swoon over sb
avoir la gorge serrée
to have a lump in one's throat
il va falloir jouer serré si
we can't take any chances if
ressentir un serrement de coeur
to feel a pang
jouer serré
to play a close/tight game
en avoir le coeur net
to be clear in one's own mind about it
avoir à coeur de faire
to be very keen to do
avoir le coeur serré
to have a heavy heart
la féerie
enchanting display, spectacular
slim; thin
avoir l'oreille fine
to have a keen sense of hearing
avoir le nez fin
to have a keen sense of smell
un fin cuisinier
an excellent cook
le fin mot de l'histoire
the truth of the matter; the best of it is....
rater la médaille de bronze
to miss out on a bronze medal
entrer en lice
to come into contention, to compete
shaky (écriture)
la trêve
to recover; collect, pick up