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to cock up, make a mess of, mess up (not bordel, cochonneries)
mon stylo bave
my pen's leaking
j'ai les crocs
I could eat a horse
c'est du pipi de chat
it's a load of tripe
to spread (toast); to churn out (page, livre, essai)
faire office de
to serve as (not servir)
je n'ai rien à me mettre
I've got nothing to wear
enfiler un cuir
to slip on a leather jacket
la maison de disques
record company
les gros enjeux
high stakes
à l'état latent
in the making
on se casse
let's get out of here
sweetie, dearie
le trognon
(apple) core; sweetie pie
les mamours (m)
cuddle (fam)
un texto
a text (like in SMS)
la bouée
buoy, rubber life ring, rubber ring, lifebelt
coincé du cul
very uptight person, miserable bastard
low neck, scoop (top, dress) (not décolleté)
la beach-volleyeuse
beach volleyball player (fem, fam)
être en rut
to be in rut (not saison des amours)
de petit calibre
small-bore (drill, epith)
get a move on
la minette
honey, sweetie; pussycat
déconne pas
stop pissing about
to (talk) bullshit (not dire)
ses gags ont beaucoup dégénéré
his jokes have really gone downhill