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keen (oeil, oreille)
sheepish, contrite
le bassin
basin, bowl (m. not écuelle, jatte)
opprimer la presse
to gag the press
valiantly, bravely, gallantly
to look at, gaze at (eg les étoiles
c'en est fait de moi
I'm done for
les halles
central food market (of a town)
on prend un verre sur le zinc ?
shall we have a drink at the bar? (fam)
le guéridon
small round table, pedestal table
je me suis payé un 2 à l'oral
I got a 2 in the oral
le pansement
dressing, bandage
je me paie tout le boulot
I end up with all the work
s'offrir qqch
to treat o.s. to sth (not se payer qqch)
avoir la hardiesse de faire
to be bold/brave/daring enough to do
il a fini par se rendre
he finally gave in
j'ai tout fait pour l'en empêcher
I did everything I could to stop him
Dieu m'est témoin
as God is my witness
educated, well-educated
glum, sullen (sb), gloomy, dismal (temps), morose
uneducated, not cultivated, ignorant
se déchausser
to take off one's shoes
le croisement
cross-breeding, interbreeding, crossing
tu me prends pour un sans-coeur
you think I'm heartless/a heartless monster
scarf, sash (mayor, etc), sling (pansement)
la musique de fond
background music
je ne cracherais pas sur 100 euros
I wouldn't turn my nose up at/say no to 100 euros
ne crache pas dessus
don't knock it