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to subside, to sag; to collapse, to give way
les ventes s'affaissent
sales are declining
to lower (merchandise, as into a ship)
la nouvelle fâcheuse
distressing news
avoir une fâcheuse tendance à
to have an unfortunate tendency to
avoir faim de
to hunger for (fig)
to co-ordinate (couleurs)
je conçois ton embarras
I understand your dilemma
filer doux
to keep a low profile (not carreau, not profil bas)
se tenir au carreau
to lie low; to keep a low profile (not filer doux, not profil bas)
faire qqch en douce
to do sth on the sly (not en tapinois)
le démêlé
dispute, wrangle, tangle, trouble, quarrel, tiff
le fiacre
hansom, hackney cab
dont les suites
the consequences of which
il a dit que j'aurais de ses nouvelles
he said that I'd hear from him again
spread out, extensive
bouge tes fesses
move your arse (not magne-toi le cul, démerde-toi, grouille-toi)
to skid (car); to go too far (fig), to make a faux-pas
je serais bien aise de t'aider
I'd be very glad to help you, I'd be very pleased to help you
se mettre à l'abri
to take cover, to take shelter (not one word)
comme témoin
as a witness
strongly, deeply, greatly (émotion, réagir)
sans vergogne
straight out (sans hésitation), shamelessly (sans honte)