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semer le désordre
to cause a disturbance, wreak havoc
l'alcoolisme faisait des ravages
alcoholism was rife
à toute épreuve
foolproof; unfailing (attachment, patience)
mettre qqch à rude épreuve
to put sth to the test (hard test)
mettre qqn à l'épreuve
to put sb to the test
il est féru de qqch
he's keen on/highly interested in something
il n'en a rien dit, par délicatesse
he said nothing out of tact, he tactfully said nothing
la délicatesse
delicacy, subtlety
avoir la hantise de la mort
to be haunted by the fear of death
sa hantise d'un accident
his obsessive fear of accidents
s'aviser de
to become aware of, to notice suddenly
to dishonour, be a disgrace to, bring into disrepute
sa réponse m'a scié
I couldn't believe my ears when I heard his answer
c'est l'arroseur arrosé
now the boot is on the other foot (not "histoire à...")
faire office de
to serve as, to act as (sb, sth, not servir)
il m'a donné un bon tuyau
he gave me a good tip/bit of info
un livre tout écorné
a dog-eared book
le genre d'éducation qui vous blinde pour la vie
the sort of education that gives you a thick skin/toughens you up for the rest of your life
ce que tu peux être poire
you're such a sucker
to bewitch, captivate
la carpette
doormat, spineless individual (not larbin)
prendre goût à qqch
to acquire a taste for sth
to dismiss
to dismiss, relieve from one's duties; depose (roi)