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Letters placed together and bound by blank spaces on either side
The meaning of words as basic units within language and their relationships
boundaries of use
Usage of a word within a particular language, and how it overlaps with other languages
How a word can be constructed through changing its form
The underlying meaning of a word and its appropriacy
What other words a particular word can join with
compound word
Two or more words with their own independent meanings that join together to form a new word
Words with the same spelling but different meanings
gradable antonym
Opposite meanings to a degree that can be placed on a scale
A group of words that occur together without variation
A phrase that can be used in any which way, depending on context
sentence stem
A phrase that forms the introduction of a sentence
A group of words that have predictable word types which will complete it
Lexical phrase hypothesis
Chunks are stored and processed as single words to aid recall, retention, fluency, faster & better comprehension